Pen as a Technology

Noura Al Alalawi


In the current electronic age where voice mail, cell phones and e-mail are being employed extensively, no substitute has been found to replace the pen. Even when, one is browsing the internet, he or she still puts a pen within reach, which can be used to write down notes, scribble phone numbers or even doodle (Russell-Ausley, 2011). Even though technology has advanced significantly, businesses are still relying heavily on the pen. For some businesses, this may be for legal reasons or convenience. The evolution of pen technology has been discussed by many scholars. However, the users of pens have never thought of how the technology and mechanisms used in writing started. Beginning with sharp stones, which were used by cave men to digital pens, which are currently fancied by many people, this paper traces back the pen technology to its origin.


Pen; Technology; History of writing; Evolution of the pen

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