Design and Optimization of Heat Integrated Distillation

Bahram Ghorbani, Gholam Reza Salehi, Pooya Esnaashary, Majid Amidpour


Process integration is currently considered as the main trend to improve process performance, and is one of the major approaches to reduce the annual operating and capital costs in the plant. For distillation systems, heat integration technique provides such an approach to improve the traditional simple column sequences. This work presents the optimization of distillation column sequences based on creation of maximum possible heat integration and minimizing the total annual cost of process. All the optimum simple sequences and possible heat integrated sequences are designed and considered to find the best heat integrated sequence with the minimum total annual cost. Sequences are simulated and the objective function is modeled. Basic operation parameters of sequences are changed according to the process constraints to find all the possible heat integration and minimize the objective function. The best structures with the minimum total annual cost are designed and compared for the considered industrial case study. Results show the height percent of optimization of process costs by the internal heat recovery of integration.

Key words: Distillation; Sequence; Modeling; Integration; Optimization


Distillation; Sequence; Modeling; Integration; Optimization

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